Before starting on the subject of marketing strategy. You have to know that marketing strategy and campaign are not the same. One is complementary to the other. The marketing campaign is an action you carry out to carry out the strategy. That is, it is part of the strategy but it is not considered a strategy as such. Why? Because the marketing. Campaign does nothing more than fulfill a function, for example. Promoting content or advertising through social networks with the use of. Ads is a campaign since you will be promoting content that. Will serve to capture the attention of users. Who can become leads or just seek brand recognition.

Know and define the SMART Objectives and KPIs

If you don’t know what KPIs are, here we tell you: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), are the key elements that tell us how our project is evolving. To establish the KPIs we must first have SMART objectives which is an acronym formed by the English words Specific (Specific); Measurable (Measurable); Attainable (Achievable); Relevant (Relevant); Timely. This is what SMART goals look like: Specific In order to vietnam phone numbers clearly define it, I have to be able to answer 5 key questions: What do I want to achieve? What benefits or specific reasons do I have for it? who’s gonna get it Where am I going to do it? What do I need to do it?

Create your Buyer Persona

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If you thought that kpis and smart objectives were all you needed. To establish and create for your strategy, let me tell you that. You are very wrong, here comes another fundamental aspect of. Any marketing strategy, the buyer persona. The buyer persona is what in traditional marketing is known. As potential customers, in digital marketing you need to define what your potential customers or your Aero Leads target will be like. It is exactly the same as in traditional marketing when they. Establish their target audience, only in this case we will be more. Specific and perfectly define the person we want to reach.

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