There will be fewer accidents that require sick leave. In addition to that, it is also important to make the workforce aware of the occupational risks of their work, both physical and mental. There is no better investment than the one made to ensure the well-being of the people who are part of your company. Flexible hours . Employees tend to have pretty clear priorities, and if you make them choose between work and family, they will probably choose the latter. To avoid absences derived from conciliation , implement a flexible schedule system. Watch out for high work peaks . In almost every industry, there is a period when the workflow increases.

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Not managing the workload well can cause problems such as burnout or stress , responsible for 30% of sick leave at work . If you don’t want to find that your employees are at the top, use organization systems such as Kanban, very popular in Agile methodologies Armenia WhatsApp Number and, above all, have enough staff to provide support at the most critical moments. Listen to yours . Your team is your best ally. They are the ones who spend hours on the front line, so they are the first to notice when something is wrong with management. To access all that information you just need the right tools , like the previously mentioned Team Insights . Use them, and forget about problems blowing up in your face.

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People, priority number 1Almost everyone has heard of occupational risk prevention , knows the word PPE (and not because they are Blas’s partner), and is aware that the physical safety of the employee must be ensured, with significant sanctions if they Aero Leads do not comply with them. the appropriate measures. But what about mental health? Psychosocial risks at work are the other side of occupational risks. According to the latest COTS survey carried out in 2021, the risk of employees suffering from psychosocial problems stands at 60.6%, a figure that has been boosted by the pandemic. Identifying the risk factors that cause changes in the mental health of employees is the first step to prevent serious problems that affect the well-being of employees and, therefore.

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