The cause of this difference in the wages received is mainly due to a “traditional” view of the responsibilities that should fall on women : they have most of the unpaid work that has to do with caring for the home and children, which that deprives them of being able to have a full day’s pay. On the other hand, there are still sectors in which the figure of the worker prominates far above the female worker , especially in those related to new technologies, science (not all) and engineering. On the contrary, in sectors where women preominate, we find a large number of positions that are undervalu and with lower salaries. Finally, there is still a pure discrimination that must be eradicat as soon as possible. From Global Human Consultants we want to contribute our grain of sand and that is why we want to help you.

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By clicking here you will access our wide selection of services, among which are those that will help you fight and defeat the wage gap once and for all. And you, do you fight the gender pay gap? Leave it to me in the comments ! Did you find this article useful? Share Luxembourg WhatsApp Number it on social networks ! And if you think we have forgotten something, leave us a comment We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! share Tweet share Blog wage gap , gender gap , management , equality , organization , equality plans , retribution , hr Interactions with readers leave a replyAll professional job seekers want to have a perfect job interview so that they can convince the interviewers that they are the right candidates for the open position. Although the resume is the first filter that is.

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Why we leave you here our streaming on how to create a CV that makes an impact ), it is the moment of the interview when “the magic” happens. If you have reach this article, it is because very soon you are going to have to face a job interview and you want to Aero Leads come out on top. Well let me tell you that you have come to the right place. Next, we are going to give you some keys and advice that will help you to be successful during this phase of the selection process and to be able to shout from the four winds “the position is mine!.

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