The contrary if you want a Roll Up to use it as a presentation support, prefer the smaller versions. 2 nd step, complementary products/services. The Roll Up is an advertising tool, it is advisable to complete it with other media such as flyers, brochures, your business cards, pens, posters, an explanatory booklet, etc. 3rd stage, the sense of reading. Make sure that your Roll Up is readable from left to right. Our natural way of reading, as we have learned, is from top to bottom and left to right. Make sure that your information goes in this direction. 4th step, the placement of your logo. Your company logo should be at the top of your Roll Up. In this way, it will remain visible from afar and it is the first thing the client will see because, as we have seen before, we read from top to bottom and from left to right. 5th step , the location of your slogan (if you have one) , product image, website etc.

Like your logo this information should

It is advisable to place them at eye level. By placing them on the upper part, they will be more likely to attract attention. Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Graphic designer blog 6th step , the font and the space. The font, as said above, must be chosen E-Commerce Photo Editing Service with care, it must be readable and attractive. By using the graphic charter of your logo for example, you can use the different fonts to create an artistic and interesting visual. 7th step , the message to convey. It is important to select the information you will insert on your Roll Up.

The goal is to be as clear as possible

E-Commerce Photo Editing Service

It is therefore necessary to think about the ideal location of the texts and images so as to harmonize the whole so that it is attractive and coherent. 8th step , choosing the design. Each individual perceives beauty and ugliness differently. It is therefore Aero Leads impossible to please everyone. Nevertheless, you can create a Roll Up to the tastes of the greatest number while maintaining the colors and image of your company. The colors and atmosphere of your Roll Up should reflect your company and harmonize with your values. Adopt the same colors as your graphic charter in order to create reminders so that customers can easily identify your company with your Roll Up. For the conception, it is necessary to be based on the majority.

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