Department about the background of taking the SEO course for companies WEBMARKS PLUS and his impressions after taking the course. Completely in-house production of professional customer attraction know-how. See details of SEO in-house production and in-house support Contents. About NPO Peace Winds. Try taking a WEBMARKS course After taking the course About NPO Peace. Winds introducing himself. Please introduce your company. My name of Peace Winds a non-profit organization. I am mainly in charge of candidates and fundraising in the communication department.

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Sending out various child support activities. That we do around the world to the world and collecting donations. It will be a department that does such things. Please tell us about the issues your company has faced so far and how you decided. Take the course the problem was that the number of visitors. The website was small compared to the Cameroon Phone Number size of the group . When I checked the websites of other media and organizations, I found that there were few general articles about conservation activities in Japan and foster parents in general. Until now, we had often reported on our activities, but there were few articles on general topics other than that, so I decided to take this course to solve these problems and increase the number of accesses.  Completely in-house production of professional customer attraction know-how!  See details of SEO in-house production and in-house support.

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Try taking a WEBMARKS course  talks about WEBMARKS PLUS ――Were there any points that you struggled with during the course, or points that you think you have grown? For classroom lectures, where students learn by watching videos and Aero Leads texts in advance, it was difficult for everyone to find time. The course itself was two hours long, but I had a hard time getting results because I hadn’t done any prior study. Please tell us what you liked most about taking WEBMARKS PLUS. In the content production course towards the end, I learned the importance of designing a site by deciding on the concept after internally.

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