Twenty years after its foundation. The balance of the institution is a strong development of the rental product in spain. Which has gone from having a weight in vehicle registrations of 1.68% in 1995 to 14.41% in 2015 . In a review of the original intentions and evolution of the association. The second day began with the speeches of the founders. Senegal phone number (managing director leaseplan international. Bv). Ramón colao (1st secretary of the aer) and agustín garcía (president of the ear). Two years of collaboration:photo call for the second consecutive year. From actionsdata we have participated in the event as an associate collaborator of the aer of vehicles . Our experience of more than 14 years. Serving large companies such as suzuki. Citroën.

Peugeot. Bmw or Senegal phone number and accompanying leading renting entities such as leaseplan go in their relational marketing efforts. Provides real added value from a specialist perspective that has made us a strategic partner of many of them. The value of a collaborative relationship of these characteristics lies mainly in promoting fluid two-way communication. Increasing the generation of synergies and promoting business relationships photo 2. For this reason. Our commercial team has focused. Within the framework of this convention. Its efforts on addressing directors and operations managers of automotive. Leasing or renting companies. Banking entities. Or mobility services. Through open rounds of speed networking . The world of renting.

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Given the quantitative and qualitative evolution it has undergone in the last 20 years. Requires marketing services capable of sustaining and increasing its growth at all levels. The strategies are very varied. Although it is advisable. Senegal phone number to carry out telemarketing campaigns; capturing leads for renting. Leasing or fleet management and; of course loyalty . Through communications with customers. And / or satisfaction surveys. The meeting has been a success in attendance and organization. So we are convinced that we will see each other next year. Technology and the digital age in general are advancing at great speed. Which is why various companies must adapt to this. What has led to the emergence of new careers within marketing.

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According to the world economic forum. The labor field will present a crisis in the labor field and it has let us see that the future of jobs will be linked to a new industry of innovative services. Wef notes that 65 percent of children entering primary school this year will end up working in careers that don’t yet exist. An example of this is copywriting. Social media manager and community manager. Which did not. Senegal phone number exist 10 years ago and are still not very well known. related notes: will digital marketing outperform physical marketing? Do you really know how to position your seo on the internet? How much should i invest in a digital marketing plan for it to be successful? Different types of copy: direct response copy.

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This creator is focused on the online public and can create direct contact with the viewer. Very attached to seo copy. Which is more technical. Since it is in charge of positioning the texts in internet search engines. Creative copy. Has an advertising vocation. Is fully responsible for positioning the. Senegal phone number brand or product in the corresponding market sector. Similar to this. There is the marketing copy. In conclusion, Which works based on the needs of the consumer and writes a solution that engages potential customers. Finally. There is the technical copy. Which is specialized in a certain field and sector. Only works on a specific type of client. It is at this moment when the careers of social media manager smm and community manager cm come in.

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