One of the factors that determine the position of SEO is the publication speed of the website. When working with WordPress, the WPO technique is a great resource to improve this aspect. Therefore, it is necessary to know and take care of this factor from the beginning of its development. In this article, we will explain how to do this and what are the advantages of this connection between WordPress and WPO. It is also a defining aspect that Google considers this problem to be an important aspect of its natural position. The longer our content is, the less likely it is to rank in search engines.

Fampidirana haingana ny WordPress

Most of the websites created are made with WordPress, also known by the abbreviation WP. This content management system or CMS allows the development of all types of websites. Drom simple displays to complex e-commerce, in a fast, simple, versatile, and economical way. To do this, we australian mobile phone number database use developed models that can be customized, if Plugins or microprograms to add additional functionality to its implementation. Initially, the model used has the functions required for proper operation: they accept They have the right level of security, they are friendly to search engines, and allow you to add dynamic and changing content quickly.

Inona ny WPO

australian mobile phone number database

These abbreviations correspond to the expression in English Web Performance Improvement or, in Spanish, Web Performance Improvement. Its task is clear: to increase the performance of the website so that it can publish in the shortest possible time. This is a proven fact, and we should not ignore it. Internet users do not wait more than 3 or 4 seconds to enter a website or eCommerce. Before this interval passes, they look for another place and give up on the first attempt. Also, it is not enough to just introduce the home quickly: the rest of the website must be operated quickly. Without unnecessary or long waits and guarantee a pleasant user experience for each Internet user.

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