Of course, most people will praise and say that it’s a new idea, different, and has great results. Whether it’s a revolutionary product, huge income, etc. But this executive elder said in a way that was “disgust”, meaning he didn’t agree at all. And some may sound stupid so I had the opportunity to exchange further that in fact principles of management how to build companies that often become best-selling business books. Whether it’s company n, brand a, product s, brand t, which is a leading company that everyone knows about, it has a good body of knowlge.

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Because of course these companies choose to do something different from others to bring about different results. (which is the kind of success we’re talking about), but at the same time it has to be understood with what it’s exchang for. Because the books that raise Wuhan Phone Number these companies as a case study often talk about “Optimistics” or “Good results” from management like this. But did not mention the dark side that if not following the news didn’t actually talk to the people inside, probably didn’t even know that there was such a world. That is not to say that all management knowlge the organization building story these books talk about is not a bad thing.

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I believe it’s a very good idea if you know how to implement it or if you want to follow these companies. But if we are executives company own we must always know that there are two sides to a coin. Things will have consequences, both positive and negative. Achieving great business results may come at the cost of hard work. Ironing performance Aero Leads so hard that it can cause people to be very stress as well (if anyone reads the development of the iphone knows that the acceleration of the iphone to finish as apple puts it is extremely stressful) and that may be on the other hand, we also have to ask if we want to do that for our organization or not? An example that I often use is getting talent people to work.

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