Going back to the Yaku Pérez voters, We say that the most important split to simplify their decision So, With a choice between Coresmo and a conservative right-wing banker, It is reasonable to expect that the majority of voters. Who previously vot for will bite. The bullet in the second round. Louds. Rather, the most viable option for them is to abolish. The vote (which is what Pachacutik promotes as a sign of rejection of the entire electoral system) or to vote for Arauz, while not forgetting the difference between Correismo and others. Tension between. It would be wise to think that the votes cast for Hervas will be overwhelmingly cast for Lasso. And it is reasonable to assume that the majority of votes cast for.

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Will be split between Arauz and invalid votes, With only a few votes for Lasso. In this particular Under the circumstances, Each invalid vote of a voter who previously vot for Perez is, The general trend, One less vote for Araoz, so when the New Zealand Phone Number official result is calculad according to the Ecuadorian electoral system, The beneficiary is Lasso. The second round and the mass of invalid ballots In Ecuador’s electoral system, Invalid and blank ballots are not part of the total “Valid votes” us to calculate official election results. Damag ballots are ballots that have been intentionally mark as invalid. Blank ballots are ballots that have been intentionally plac in the ballot box without any options mark. Valid votes are this time. The sum of the votes receiv by all candidates in the contest.

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Blank and invalid votes do not count towards this total, And the total number of valid votes is the denominator us to calculate the percentage. The final result for each candidate. For example, The 32.7% that Arauz receiv in the first round was Aero Leads obtain by dividing. The total number of votes he receiv  by the total number of votes receiv by all 16 candidates who participat in the first round This calculation excludes empty and blank votes and is mathematically verifi that the higher the number of empty and blank votes, the lower the total number of valid votes and is calculat for each candidate.

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