Management for digital marketing terms you should know about digital marketing audience management 10/18/2015 how to think about choosing which “Market” is suitable for our business? 02/28/2018 segment of one: future marketing concepts (or is it?) 07/14/2021 what is marketing 5.0? – summary of key points from kotler’s new book 02/08/2021 follow nuttaputch subscribe to youtube latest post don’t do content if you don’t have a clear strategy. 11/14/2022 3 important points to think about before creating content 11/01/2022 4 types of value that make people want to see content 10/31/2022 latest vlogs content that doesn’t get engagement may not be because of the content itself.

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Principles of creating great customer experiences 10/31/2021 why send employees to upskill & skill and come back not effective? 10/30/2021 advertising and public relations policy copyright – nuttaputch wongreanthong | images and articles are copyright. It is forbidden to copy and distribute without prior permission. Copyright nuttaputch wongreanthong Namibia Phone Number terms you should know about digital marketing audience management 10/18/2015 management defining the “target audience” today is somewhat different from the past. Partly because we have been accustom to describing target groups in the form of demographics since time immemorial. But when entering the digital mia era, the target grouping is more detail and complex. That gave birth to new words.

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For use in mia management to be more efficient that includes general own mia communications all the way to advanc targeting/programmatic advertising purchases. In today’s blog, I would like to briefly summarize some of the technical terms that Aero Leads we may be familiar with (or not?) that are describ in part in the rise of platform marketer book . Briefly 1. Audience to put it simply, an audience is a group of people who can receive information or message that a brand conveys. Of course, audience here can receive messages either directly from the brand or from other publishers. Of course, when talking about audience is a very large group of people.

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