There are thousands of reasons why you don’t want to write. Why you may lack the motivation to write (even though you really want to write).

To begin with. Writing is an act that requires a great investment for our brain: an investment of focus. Creativity. Deduction and much more. That’s a lot of spending. And we already know that our brains look for ways to work less and save energy.However,  He likes things with more immediate rewards: eating cakes. Drinking alcohol. Responding Egypt Phone Numbers  to that annoying guy on facebook. Playing the sims late into the night… things like social media. The gamification of so many apps we use. And the insistence of your cat that you feed it at this very moment are elements that reduce our ability to concentrate and. Yes. Our mythical willpower.

Maybe at first. But the more you write the more aware you are of what you still have to learn. And the less satisfaction that can be. Yes. Pratchett said that “Writing was the most fun thing you could do alone.” from which we deduce that pratchett was a) a clean and pure mind. And b) someone who had never tried drugs halfway.


But it’s not just about that. Says bj fogg. A man who writes books and teaches things at stanford. That for a behavior to occur one (or several) of three factors must occur: motivation. Ability and a foot or trigger.

The origin of your bad behavior


B ( behavior . Behavior) is equal to m ( motivation . Motivation). A ( ability . Ability) and p ( prompt . Pie or trigger).

What does this mean and why do we care. If many of us who write are of letters?

It matters to us because it implies that we obtain certain behaviors thanks to a combination of motivation (internal. External. Or a combination of both). Ability (our ability to perform the behavior. Which determines whether it is easy or difficult for us). And a foot (a trigger that leads us to perform that behavior). This can be used for evil (motivation+skill+foot can end up in the behavior of eating lots and lots of chocolate) or… Why not for good?

Motivation + skill + foot

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When we’re looking for behaviors we want to perform frequently (like exercising. Showering in the morning. Or writing—all very difficult things for the average writer). The easiest way to beat the impossible problem of “Lack” of willpower is to turn a behavior into a habit. Since the habit implies not having to overcome the resistance of our brain over and over again; it creates neural paths that make everything easier for us. And the habit is achieved through repetition. Yes. But that repetition is useless if we do not take into account those factors that fogg mentions.

If we believe fogg. We could deduce that when we don’t write it’s because we lack a) motivation. B) skill. Or c) a foot that triggers that behavior.

So. In theory. Getting the “Write” behavior should be as simple as filling in the equation with the missing piece.

How to use fogg’s equation

Fogg lists these three factors in order from least to most effective. Motivation. Curiously. Is the least efficient factor for us to write. Sure. Reading an article . Waking up with a great idea for a story. Receiving royalties from book sales. Or attending a writers’ conference can all encourage you to write. But this encouragement (whether produced by external or internal agents) does not last long. And it is rarely enough to create a habit: that constant repetition of the act of writing. However, Which allows us to accumulate enough practice and production to progress as writers.


Finally. The crucial element is the foot: that action that we carry out just before starting to create . That previous behavior that we associate with our writing activity. In the same way that we can associate “brushing teeth” with the immediately subsequent action of “using mouthwash”. ».


You can tackle the problem of skill by making writing an easier process. Separate the act of writing from the act of editing: dedicate yourself only to creating and enjoying. Leaving the more clinical process of revising and rewriting for later. You can sign up for workshops and consultancies that allow you to improve your skills. So that you have more and more expertise when sitting in front of your work. However,  You can make the first action of typing so outrageously easy that you don’t have to deal with your brain’s resistance when creating.However, Then. When you have done that first simple action.However,  You will already complicate things. But the important thing is to overcome that initial resistance and start.

And you can deal with the foot problem by creating your own trigger . Try it. Even if it seems a bit stupid: repeat the action of finishing your coffee and then turning on the computer to write ten times in a row. So that your brain makes the necessary associations. However, And then every day. Right after you drink your coffee. Turn on your computer to write. The action of turning on the computer is very easy. Sure. However,  Then comes the hard part (and you may have to add the “Turn off wi-fi” action to remove distractions). But you haven’t given your brain time to consider that.


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