“Why is my blog not appearing in Google?” This is one of the most common questions for any professional who is starting their Digital Marketing strategy. The reality is that there are many errors that can harm the performance of your pages, and the best strategy is to know each one of them to make all the necessary corrections and stand out in the search engine. Gabriel Camargo Dec 20, 21 | 6min read why my blog does not appear in google How many times have you asked yourself: why doesn’t my blog appear in Google? If there were many, you are not the only one.


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Has just created a blog and is looking for greater prominence and relevance on the Internet, this is more than recurring. What many people do Kenya WhatsApp Number List not understand is that it is a job in the medium and long term, in addition to the fact that it requires a lot of care during its planning. After all, Google bot scripts crawl all the content published on the Internet to evaluate a number of factors that will result in the position in the SERPs. It is not enough to produce quality materials or use the main SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques .


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Kenya WhatsApp Number List


Care of every detail to obtain a prominent place in a results page. But, are you already investing in your Content Marketing strategy and the results still do not appear as you imagined? So in this article we’ll help you figure out what’s getting in the way of your performance: outdated cache draft post new blog Content quality copyright infringement Slow or heavy website Use of irrelevant keywords Spam Posts Read on to find out which of these reasons may be hurting your blog’s position on Google! outdated cache Although rare, outdated cache is an easy problem to fix.

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