Retain and motivate. Yellow group : Train and motivate. Red group : Feedback and, if necessary, disassociation from the company. Interpreting the quadrants Let’s take a deeper look at how to interpret each of the nine quadrants of the talent matrix. ow performance – Low potential: People who occupy this position can pose a risk to the operation of the company since they neither meet performance expectations nor adapt to the skills of their job. This can happen for various reasons. The main one is that the company may have neglected the selection process and made a poor hiring decision . But as they say… to the chest, and now you have to be consistent.

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Before making a drastic decision, it is a good idea to talk to the person in question, especially if we know that they have previously held other positions Canada WhatsApp Number in the quadrant. Perhaps you lack motivation, perhaps you are in the wrong position, or perhaps you are going through a situation that prevents you from doing your job. In any case, one must be cautious and give appropriate feedback. If after this, no change in attitude is observed, then it would be convenient to start thinking about a possible dismissal.w Performer – Medium Potential.

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These employees present a dilemma . They have difficulties reaching objectives and perform irregularly in the competencies of their position. If they are new recruits, or have been transferr to a new area, they may need more time to adjust to their new Aero Leads roles. Since they show potential, a solution to their performance problems could be to assign them a tutor or mentor to stay with them and guide them until their adaptation is complete. If that doesn’t work, then we would have to consider other types of more complex decisionsow Performer – High Potentia.

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