Together with the idea that fans are the number of people who express their love, admiration, and desire to follow a brand’s news. As a result, the idea was communicat by many digital marketers that “The more fans, the better” and lead to various techniques to increase many likes from the use of various applications that are interesting and playful, with an exchange condition that players have to like the page first or doing various activities to win prizes with the same exchange terms the more likes are compar between fanpages, many brands can’t agree with each other and must give more likes than competitors.

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If anyone reaches a million likes first, they will almost come out to celebrate. Meanwhile another number that has been mention lately. Is the number of members interacting with the page also known as engagement, measur by the number of likes and shares Conduit CN Number of each content. This leads to the idea that the more likes and shares a content gets. The more you say that the page has a good relationship and is only lik by the fans. Digital marketers and page administrators must strive to find content. Many come to invite people who see the message to like and share.

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All this may be to get a nice number. To be us as a reference in the presentation each month that how many percentages did the number of fans increase, how much did the fan interaction rate increase, etc. But these numbers are really success numbers. As many did people really say that? Because we can’t deny that nowadays there are many facebook Aero Leads apps that lure people into liking in exchange for playing games. Answer questions to get provocative results. Which celebrity is your type? How good-looking you look, %, etc. All of which may not even have anything to do with the app owner’s page. The same is true of trying to find content that is impressive, funny and funny to share on the wall a lot because it is content that people easily like.

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