If you realize that your biggest audience is on mondays. At 3 pm. It is essential that you always publish around that time and day. Of the week. It is still possible to say that there is no best time or day to post a video on youtube. This relationship will depend on the routine of your subscribers. Some times. However. Are known to achieve good results.

That is. During a week (seven days). The content creator must publish at least two videos. This is because google itself establishes as a criterion for ranking content. Two to three content per day on a channel for a video to be ranked. Also. Posting video on youtube at least twice will ensure that you have visibility and audience.

Quality Is Fundamental And Can

Remember the importance of tracking the periods in which your subscribers consume your content. For example. Which are key HR Directors Email Lists factors in maintaining a youtube channel. Channels that stop publishing or publish very little may be forgotten by the public. In short. It is essential that you. The content creator. Create a routine for your publications.

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Such A period when many people are already at home. Out of work and ready to watch a video. Also. Weekends are also very good for publishing. As people are busy looking for something to watch. In short. You need to post video on youtube at least twice a week. So that your channel builds audience. Relevance and can rank on google. The most important thing.

Be Described As The Most

However. Is to produce quality videos that are attractive to your target audience on the platform. Now that you know the ideal frequency to post videos on youtube. It’s time to start publishing your videos on the second largest search engine in the world. But. If you want to go further and become an expert in digital marketing and web sales.

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