Women accumulate more work time per week than men. Much better paid positions than other areas such as customer service or ucation, Which are overrepresent by women. Glass roof. The hierarchical level is a determining factor in the salary receiv and women have fewer opportunities to access management positions. Only 10% of senior positions in the main companies globally are held by women.

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As if that were not enough, another interesting fact. Women managers earn 23% less per hour than men in the same position . Discrimination Sadly, outright discrimination is still present today. According to the report “ 2019 Report on Equality Lithuania WhatsApp Number Between Women and Men in the EU ” carri out by the European Commission, women are paid less than their male colleagues under the same conditions, qualification and category . Maternity is also a discriminatory factor, since working mothers who want to return to their jobs after maternity leave suffer more rank and job demotions than their fathers .. How to combat the gender pay gap? The official bodies of the State and the.

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European Union place special emphasis on the creation of laws, measures and protocols to prevent the spread of this situation through sanctions in case of non-compliance with this right. However, clearly it is not enough and therefore organizations should also Aero Leads participate proactively to put a solution to inequality from the perspective of corporate social responsibility . These actions will help you take control of the situation: Awareness and Training ucation is the basis of all behavior.

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