Wartegg test We help you take care of your most important asset. Quiz Person in the rain. Within the section of expressive and graphic projective tests, we find this test very widespread in organizational psychology. Similar to the well-known HTP ( House-Tree-Person. House-Tree-Person in Spanish), during. This technique the applicant is ask to draw a person in. The rain on a blank sheet of paper. Through his drawing, we will be able to explore his attitude in the face of challenges and adversities, What his behavior would be like in the face of frustration, How he would deal with problems. All this through a drawing? Yes, that is the grace of projective technique.

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However, It must be emphasiz that, in graphic tests, not only. The final drawing matters, but the whole process is told : how he draws, the order, the line, the strength, the comments that are made and the story that it gives you when you finish. people in Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number the rain Machover’s test The Machover test, or human figure test , is a graphic test to evaluate the personality of applicants by drawing a person according to the instructions indicat by the recruiter. With the application of this test, we can understand the vision that the person has about himself, others and the environment that surrounds him . And, as in the previous technique.

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Not only the final result is important, but the paths, shapes, difficulties, erasures and choices that are made are us to draw conclusions. Machover Test or Human Figures Test Rorschach test We arrive perhaps at the most famous and well-known projective Aero Leads test, present in Pop culture and even personifi as a comic book protagonist in Watchmen. different sheets in which abstract and symmetrical color ink spots appear , the object of a multitude of interpretations.

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