These people all have different levels of “Liking”. If we compare a brand like apple, posting a picture of each product would have a lot of likes because it is a brand with a very high advocate type, probably this group is the type who loves and is ready to show that they like the brand very much. But ask again how many brands of products online have fans who are advocate and why are people in general? Going to have to like the picture of your product together.

Good Even Though Not A Single

One of the problems that I often encounter is that brand. Managers tend to judge themselves who are affiliat with brands to determine that. If people see content with images of our products, people will surely like it. This may be true for brands that have a Bosnia & Herzegovina Phone Number lot of heritage or have been building a brand for a long time. But with a brand that has not been built well it’s very difficult to hope that online content will be post and create a brand affinity. Unless you have some crazy balls or creative ideas, the content is “wow” (just like oreo does), which at this stage a lot.

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Word Was Spoken Ikea Is Funny

Of brands are backing down because they don’t have budgets or limitations. Limit that can no longer play with products or brands. In addition as I always say, not everyone who likes your page will fall in love with your brand, they simply “open the door”, giving you a chance to visit their news fe. Some may not. Have a special interest in your brand Aero Leads may just look through and if they like your page because of the type of activity they might even not feel like you care about your brand. So it’s not easy for these people to turn their attention to your content. 3. Call to action is not a magic spell to call likes. (it can’t be call every time.

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