In the brand refresh carried out. We proposed a 100% typographic brand and began to use the acronym dlm as an identifying name. Thus improving the intelligibility of the logo. Pregnancy it is the virtue of forms of being retained in memory. And refers to both the verbal (name) and the visual.

In general. Simple. Regular. And symmetrical shapes have greater pregnancies than irregular. Complex. And asymmetrical ones. Both the registration of each of the elements and their recall and subsequent recognition must be facilitated.

Within Its Context

Questions to understand your application: do the signs have such a cohesion and formal synthesis that they guarantee the rememberability that the Jamaica phone number case demands or. Due to their complexity and ambiguity. Do they result in less retention than that required? Lulea the symbol .

Jamaica phone number

As well as being abstract. Its shape can be associated with a lotus flower. A person in a meditation position. Or other references to being and spirituality. Vocative it has to do with the power of graphic branding to capture attention. Vocativity resources are various: aggressiveness of color.

Understanding Its

Dynamism of form. Expressiveness of icons. Prominence due to size or proportion. Among others. The necessary graphic stridency will depend on the technical conditions of your communication. As well as your identity. Questions to understand your application: are the signs conspicuous enough not to go unnoticed to the strict extent necessary.

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