. Between Harlem Shake videos and memes, the potential flood of traffic, likes, and shares was. But truth be these were and usually still are all just vanity metrics. Vanity metrics are data points that sound impressive and . May look flashy (think large follower numbers), but they generally don’t correlate with people entering your sales or funnel.That means they don’t show any direct . I mpact on your business’ bottom line. Fast-forward about a decade and  and it’s become clear that. Large or small, the metric that really speaks.  The most to your business’s success is revenue .

Marketers Can Influence This Number is Through Lead Generation

Led generation, simply put, is the process of collecting contact information from potential customers . That can be used in the future to send them marketing or sales information. , such as more information or access to exclusive content. When a person gives you this information, it is assumed that they are in your product or service and, therefore, you can nurture them  Jordan Phone Number toward making a purchase by sharing more related content. In industries like inbound marketing and sales, where your action is trigger by this act of intent and interest, it’s important to how to build effective lead generation strategies that create qualified leads.

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Download This Guide as a Pdf Lead Generation Statistics

What does the current state of lead generation look like? Let’s dive into some lead generation statistics to give us more insight. 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their No. 1 challenge. (Source: HubSpot) Lead generation strategies aren’t easy to develop. If you’re reading this, clearly, you’re not alone. Only 18% of marketers still think that outbound practices provide the highest-quality sales leads. (Source: HubSpot) Inbound marketing and other digital approaches to lead generation are quickly becoming the most popular and reliable tactic for creating high quality leads. 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as a lead generation tactic. (Source: Content Marketing Institute) Content marketing.  Specifically is proving to be a trusted lead generation tactic.

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