But an advertisement to attract qualified candidates. Write the most relevant and representative functions and leave the rest for the job interview. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that here it must be 100% clear what you expect from this position . Candidate profile As in the previous point, in this section we have to make a profile of the characteristics that a candidate must have to be selected : skills, abilities, aptitudes, personality traits, titles, languages, etc… A good idea is to divide this section into two: on the one hand, the essential characteristics that are, or are, essential; and on the other, those that are not mandatory but that it would be desirable to have.

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Extra tip: if you want to receive few applications, make your description very exhaustive and specific. If, on the other hand, you want a large number of resumes, be more general. Labor conditions For your job advertisement to be successful, the  conditions and benefits you provide must be present. And this is not negotiable. This is one of the most Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number critical points and one of the most powerful filters. Nobody likes to waste time, so knowing in advance what the company offers is essential to attract the most demanding professionals. The conditions must be honest and transparent so as not to generate false expectations. In general terms, a good job offer should indicate: Schedule. Exact location.

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Typology (remote, hybrid, face-to-face). Salary band (if you do not want to indicate the exact salary, nothing happens, but at least you should put the fork in which the employee will move). Growth opportunities. Other extra benefits: restaurant ticket, gym, health insurance, training… (no, fruit in the office doesn’t count). call to action Finally, it clearly Aero Leads indicates the steps to follow. Job search platforms have a button through which applicants can click to automatically send the resume. But do not assume that people will click after reading you: invite them to do so.

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