Use a phrase that motivates candidates to participate in the selection process and leave a contact email in case they have any questions. We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE 10 tips for writing a job offer of 10 Before ending this mini guide on how to write job offers that attract attention, we leave you with 10 tips that will surely transform the way you write them. 1. Address the “you” When writing the text and addressing the candidates, always use the second person singular . This makes the offer be perceived as closer, direct and personalized. Examples: “Our ideal candidate has the following characteristics…” vs “You are the person we are looking for if…”. “Requirements for the position” vs “You are good at…” “We are looking for a person who is…” vs “You like…” 2. Don’t overextend.

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The best ads are not the longest, but brief but forceful. Learning to synthesize takes work, but this will make the ads easier to read (and attend to). A resource not to lengthen is the use of ” bullets “: bullets of information, short sentences and many short and Brazil WhatsApp Number separate paragraphs. 3. Simple and concrete language Use simple and direct language. If there is any complex detail in the offer (legal requirements or some type of instruction), it is better to leave it for the end. And be tangible . Instead of saying that your company is “conscious about the well-being of people”, explain how this translates into company practices: flexible hours? Facilities for conciliation? More free time.

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Use a conversational tone Regardless of the culture in your organization (more or less formal), remember that the person who reads you is a person , so write as if you were talking to them. This also means talking less about yourself and more about the person. Focus on the candidate and what you are looking for. 5. Realism This should not be advice but a Aero Leads priority: do not extend the list of requirements unless you want to scare the staff. Also, do not make false promises or create expectations that will not be fulfilled later. Nobody likes “sell-fumes.” 6. Be original Don’t use templates.

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