They have grown up. In the case of generation Z, it is a cohort that was born with a smartphone under their arms, has experienced 2 major economic crises followed by a global recession, TV bombards them with images of terrorism and political and immigration conflicts, and they live under the constant threat of climate change. Consequently, we find people who are deeply technological, enterprising, realistic, supportive and with a genuine concern for values ​​and corporate social responsibility . . Centennials vs. Millennials Although at first glance we can talk about two very similar generations, the truth is that the differences outweigh the similarities to the point that the business magazine Fast Company dubbed them ” the anti-millennials “. Thus, among the main differences we find that.

Colleagues Will Not Agree

The Centennials, with their feet on the ground . Overexposure to information from a very young age has made Generation Z much more realistic than Millennials. Centennials prefer visual communication. There are marked differences in the use of social  media by both generations. While Generation Z prefers visual content (Instagram, TikTok), Millennials Estonia WhatsApp Number prefer written content (Facebook, Twitter). Centennials are guided by the opinion of others . Before watching a movie, buying a product or acquiring a service, Generation Z tends to search for information on the Internet and their decisions are more influenced by the opinions of others than in the case of Millennials.

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That They Will Prefer

Centennials have a shorter attention span. The sensory overload to which this generation is subjected has made it “multiscreen”, they are capable of filtering relevant information from different sources at the same time (TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.). However, his Aero Leads attention span is reduced. While that of millennials is 12 seconds, that of centennials is only 8 seconds . Centennials view technology as an enabler . For them, technological resources are a means to access communication, education, information and entertainment. For Millennials, it represents entertainment and a substitute for analog tools. Centennials are self-taught.

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