More than what appears in the offer. Also, do not promise benefits that will not be fulfilled: do not offer teleworking if it is only punctual and under certain conditions, or work flexibility if for you that means being able to enter 10 minutes later than the agreed time. Do not stop offering feedback, even when the person has not been select Another of the mistakes, and the most common, that tarnishes the Candidate that job candidates hate more than waiting for a response from a recruiter . From the first moment, the people who have been interest in your project deserve to know the status of their candidacy . This includes knowing: that the.

Their Area of ​​improvement

CV has been receiv. That it has been read, if it goes to the next phases, and if it has finally been hir or reject. Failing to maintain ongoing communication  with candidates is the best way to deliver a gruesome experience . But this has its good Venezuela Phone Number side. Attends: ince there are few companies that do care about keeping their candidates inform, doing it yourself will make a difference, positioning you ahead of the competition in the war for talent. Always improving As society advances, so do the needs of the people. It is something we are experiencing right now. Therefore, we cannot take for grant that our Candidate Experience is the best and always.

Venezuela Phone Number

Want to Achieve Because We Must Not Forget

Will be. It is necessary to continue investing time in improving the processes and adapting them to the expectations of the present. Bottom line: don’t ride the vine. Monitoring and evaluating the experience that candidates have had during all recruitment Aero Leads phases will help you understand what people expect from a selection process, and be able to offer it to them. And this is something that can be achiev with something as simple as sending an automat survey at the close of each vacancy. Simple but effective! Now that you know how you can improve the experience of the candidates in your selection processes, and all the advantages that it brings to.

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