Many people wonder what copywriting is when they start researching content marketing. And we anticipate you: it has nothing to do with copyright (copyright, publisher or concessionaire), nor with copying texts. Nowadays, online purchases have exploded, and choosing between one company or another can depend on the work of a copywriter. Copywriting is a digital tool that helps create persuasive messages so that the client takes an action, and thus the company increases its sales. Writing, drafting, creating, persuading, converting are keywords in the new activity that is on the rise and that makes the difference between “writing to understand” and “writing to sell”.

What is Copywriting in Digital Marketing?

What is copywriting in marketing strategies? In a simple way we can say that copywriting is the action of generating writings, such as slogans, web pages, posts, ebooks, emails, blogs, social media campaigns, among others, in order to direct the China email list audience to carry out an interaction. . It can be a decision that ends with a direct purchase of the product or service or an action related to the process, such as offering content or an idea. The person who is an expert in copywriting —also called a copywriter— is the one who writes the texts in order to persuade the perfect client (buyer persona). The importance of it goes beyond writing a few lines that attract attention: it must satisfy a need and specifically give a message that solves the problem.

What Are the Benefits of Copywriting?

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A text written with the parameters of copywriting establishes the difference between companies that truly achieve a connection with their target audience and those that do not. The following are several of the advantages of this: Highlight the Aero Leads brand to be a benchmark in its sector, showing authority and experience. Better SEO positioning with the production of quality content and highlighting certain keywords that help search engines, such as Bing or Google, to show the business in the first positions. It helps to define the business value proposition and improve the company’s image. Greater engagement (commitment) of the client with the brand and capture of leads (potential clients) by transmitting the essence of the business and connecting emotionally with the audience.

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