When defining what remarketing is, we can say that it is a method. To attract those users who have previously visited our website. So that they acquire our product or service. In more detail, we can say that. It is a term coined for digital marketing because its origin lies in. The audience. Creation tools of online advertising platforms. Such as facebook ads and google ads. Through these services, we can generate remarketing ads. So that they are only seen by people who already know our. Brand through the internet. Actions such as abandoning a shopping cart before. Completing the payment or interactions on social network. Profiles are some of the main sources of audience for a remarketing strategy.

Advantages of remarketing

When starting out in online advertising, many brands fail to design strategies to reach people who have interacted with their brand through social media accounts, websites, applications, among other digital assets. However, targeting this lawyer email address list audience is important. Why? Because they have shown a previous interest in what we offer and it is highly probable that they have a purchase intention. shopping cart In addition, a remarketing strategy allows the buyer to be pushed towards the conversion stage, by nurturing him with information that complements the data that he has previously obtained from our product or service.

What do I need to carry out my remarketing campaigns?

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The basis of any remarketing strategy is a cookie. That small piece of information that collects the user’s browsing patterns when visiting a website. However, the cookie alone will not do our remarketing campaign. This is when the tracking Aero Leads code provided by your advertising platform comes into play. A tracking code, as its name suggests. Is a set of lines of web code that has the function of being the link. Between our website and the advertising platform that we use. The tracking code is responsible for invoking an external file, hosted on the advertising platform. In order to record and process user actions.

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