In this era where competition abounds, it is important to set our brand apart from the rest. How to make our products and services more attractive? One way to achieve this is to understand what rapport is and its applicable principles in sales. Customers appreciate pleasant shopping experiences. In addition, the trust and empathy that the seller generates help the customer to have a better disposition to buy. Neurolinguistic programming has studied this social phenomenon and has discovered how useful it is to create these bonds. In this article we will review the concept of rapport and its application in the field of sales. We’ll also highlight some tips for building a great relationship with customers and fostering an environment that’s conducive to buying our merchandise.

What is Rapport in Marketing?

The word rapport comes from the french term rapporter, which means “To bring back.” as if it were a needle that passes close to a magnet, we must make the client be captivated by the experience that we generate and capture his attention. Of course, this action will be motivated by a feeling of satisfaction. It is not the typical sunday sermon-style sales pitch. But it is a strategy in which we will seek to poland email list make our potential customers — buyer personas — trust us. We intend that it is the user’s gratitude and our empathy that forms a lasting bond. This means that the client will be an active part of. The relationship and will not be limited only to being bombarded with advertising messages. For the same reason, this concept. May not be attractive to companies that have married.

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Before continuing, we must explain what therapeutic rapport consists of, since it is also closely linked to its application in marketing. For example, in therapy sessions it is common for the patient and the professional specialist to have different Aero Leads mental dispositions. For the conversation to be effective, it is important to create an atmosphere of trust and fluid communication. The important part: if the therapist shows empathy and is willing to listen, it will encourage the patient to express themselves. This is also known as psychological attunement.

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