Anyone who is aware of what is happening on the internet knows what LinkedIn is, as it is the most important social network for the professional – and business – field that exists today. Whether you are a professional looking to expand your network of contacts, looking for a platform to publish your CV and book, a company looking for users that fit your job offers, or you want to implement a digital advertising strategy on this social network, it is It is necessary that you know its main points and characteristics. That is why we have created this article, where we explain what LinkedIn is and how it works , as well as giving you the necessary guidelines so that you can make it part of your.

Linkedin, What is It?

But what is LinkedIn itself? Is it a social network such as Facebook and Twitter, or does it have something that makes it special? To define LinkedIn in a simple way: we can say that it is a social network whose purpose is to connect the world’s professionals —including both people and companies—, through a pleasant platform, easy to use, and that allows creating and sharing content from professional value. This mlm genealogy leads was founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant, and Allen Blue; and in 2016 Microsoft acquired it for $26.2 billion. It currently has around 150 million users. Many people may have the mistaken idea that LinkedIn is only a platform to upload your resume to look for a job.

How does LinkedIn work?

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So how does it work? In general —and at the user level— it works just like any other network would. You have to create your profile and decide if it will be personal or for companies, but before that you must determine what Aero Leads your objective will be, what you want to achieve after creating said profile. Among the main objectives are: Get a new job or change the current one. Get qualified employees for your business. Redirect LinkedIn users to your website. Capture leads and thus potential customers. Find people willing to invest in your business. Find companies in which you can invest your money. Look for specialized companies, to buy their products or services. Share your knowledge and experiences in your professional area.

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