Nowadays it is very difficult for someone not to know what google is. Since it is one of the most important companies in the world. Which has the most used search engine in the market. But why is it important for a brand to know google. What benefits can it bring them? Actually many, since seo (search engine optimization) is responsible. For positioning the pages of your website in said search engine, allowing you to have. A much greater reach, and thus have the possibility of getting more customers. In addition, google has different products and tools. That are essential in any digital marketing strategy, such as google ads. Google analytics, google search console, google maps, gmail, among many others.

What is Google?

Its full name is Google, LCC and it is a subsidiary company of Alphabet Inc, which specializes in creating products and services focused on the internet , to offer people ways to find information, communicate, organize, etc. Although the factorymation promo code company Google Inc. has many very interesting products, it is true that the most popular of them is its search engine that bears the same name, which is so widely used that around three billion searches are performed per day. In fact, many people when they think of Google probably think of the Google search engine first before the company itself.

The Origin of Google: Brief History

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Before the company, it was created in 1996 by larry page and sergey. Brin under the name of backrub, as a university project for stanford university. With the aim of being able to find anything on the internet. Backrub’s name was replaced in 1997 by the current name of google.Since its creators were inspired by the mathematical term “Googol”. Which emerged in 1920 to refer to 1 followed by one hundred zeros. That is, from 1 Aero Leads raised to the 10. Computer showing google page. As you can imagine, the idea was to allude to the large amount of data that can be found and organized on the internet thanks to google. The search engine was officially launched on september 27, 1998, and was. So successful that little by little it surpassed the main search engine of the time: altavista.

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