If you already have knowledge about digital marketing strategies. You have surely heard of the term “Engagement” repeatedly, and it is one of the most. Important things related to user experience. By having good engagement, you not only get more traffic, reactions, and comments. But you also get a better positioning of your brand image. Which translates into greater trust on the part of users and, therefore, more sales. If you want to know how you can generate engagement on your. Social networks and on your website, then this article will interest you. As we will talk about all the details of this concept and how it is related to online marketing.

What is engagement?

In a short and simple way, we can say that engagement is the level of commitment that people have with a brand, that is, it is about all those relationships of trust generated by the good experience of the users, which can become fidelity. In fact, “engagement” is an English word that literally means “commitment” in Spanish, but in the context of online marketing, it is taken more broadly, considering aspects such as: The Russian phone numbers level of satisfaction consumers had after purchasing the company’s products or services. Good communication between the brand and the user, through the different communication channels such as social networks, email, chats and website. The level of interaction users have with these same brand messages.

Types of Engagement

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Now, the above is a general vision of the concept, however, in order for you to understand. How it can be measured and improved, it is necessary to review the main types of engagement, which cover 3 perspectives. User Aero Leads engagement this type of engagement has to do with the level of satisfaction and commitment. That the followers of your social networks and website have. It is, in general, the first thing that is taken into account when talking about this topic.

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