Time is money, and more so when we talk about sales. Prompt customer service can make the difference between generating a successful closing or losing our prospect’s interest and, in some cases, even a bad reputation for our brand. This applies not only to traditional sales in physical stores or Business to Customer (B2C) companies, but also to those made through technological platforms and to those organizations with a Business to Business (B2B) orientation. With the new communication and sales channels, users demand a customer experience that offers them an immediate response to their questions or requirements from service agents. For companies that migrate to new digital platforms, this can be a headache, but with an appropriate strategy, the service process can be optimized , and with it, the response time to the client can be reduced.

Customer Response Time Decisive for Closing Sales

Living in an age of hyperconnection, customers demand immediacy. And this also applies to the attention to the user who wants to acquire a product or service, no matter how specialized it is, since a prompt attention can turn into a Australia email list successful sales closing. It is for the above that the response time to the client has become a metric of vital importance in recent times. A reduced waiting period not only means having a greater probability of obtaining more sales closings, but also translates into customer satisfaction and thus better engagement of your buyers with your brand. Engagement not only represents empathy with your products or services , but also translates into greater trust on the part of users and, therefore, more sales and income for your business.

First Reply Time the Key Metric of Customer Service

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As in other marketing and sales strategies, customer service has a key metric to measure its success. Its name is First reply time, that is, first response time or FRT. The first response time is the average period in which a service agent. Responds Aero Leads to a request for information from a customer , which is commonly referred to as a ticket. These requests for information apply both to service. Tickets for new prospects, business follow-up and for those dedicated to answering questions from our current customers. To calculate the time to first. We provide the following formula: sum of waiting minutes of your media / number of conversations. Frt for example, if you want to calculate the first response time of your chat channel. Let’s imagine that the sum of the frt of 35 conversations gives a total of 148 minutes.

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