One of the most modern and attractive words if you have an eCommerce, is undoubtedly writing. This strange and fascinating term involves professionals and technicians looking to create sales articles. But what is copywriting and how to use it to generate more sales? That is what we will explain to you next, not only what is writing, but also how to use it to get your eCommerce so that you can get sales of products and / or services that you have for sale. Do you want to know how to do it?  Writing. It is a foreign word, and many think it means “copy of the text”, but it is not. The word is translated as redaction. And in fact it refers to the tool (writing) focused on a specific purpose, which is to sell. What goals can you achieve with it? You can get the user’s attention. These articles are not like the ones you usually see on the web, either because of their tone (remember that many times we read by saying the words in our minds), or because of the effect on the sentences , or for other reasons, they are attractive.

Writing has always been there

Did you think that this is something that came out to be the invention of people today? This is not true. The fact is we are talking about a concept that has been with us since 1891; he was the only one not known by that name. And why 1891? BECAUSE this was the year that corn powder was founded, Backin, August Oetker, druggist. This product became very popular, and not because it finished the yeast, but because there was a recipe in the usa phone number list package to give people ideas for using this product. And these recipes were also published in the newspaper. And for some successful recipes? You are right. Because if we look at the content, the writing used by Oetker is: you have a problem, a product and a solution to that product. In fact, from this example there are many others, such as the Michelin guide, or even Netflix.

How to use copywriting to generate more sales

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And now let’s get into what you want to know: how to sell more by writing. It is very easy to answer, aWhat is Copywriting and How to Use It to Generate More Salesrticles are, that response will not be reached. What to do? Betting on advertising investment. In fact, all businesses do this because it is a way for businesses to reach their target audience. And you can use Aero Leads writing with short and catchy sentences to achieve this appeal. Written articles on your website. We recommend you to check your website to change the boring articles into writing articles. For example, imagine you own a flower shop. And tell your results. But what if he tells the story of a person who was looking for a gift and never stopped to think that flowers are not only a joy to see, but with them he can express emotions?

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