When defining a marketing strategy for an online store, the first thing to do is define the target audience for the campaigns. In this sense, we find two great types of businesses B2C and B2B. On this occasion we want to talk about B2C or Business to Consumer. What it is and how this system works. What is B2C 5 factors that characterize B2C businesses Differences between B2C and B2B companies. Try Shopify for free to create your online store. Without credit card, easy and intuitive. Email address Email address What is B2C.Also known as “business to consumer” , B2C is a commercial practice carried out by companies or businesses that sell to final consumers without intermediaries.

5 factors that characterize businesses

Taking the above, one of the main characteristics of the B2C model has to do with achieving a direct relationship between. The business and the customers. This also means that the attention that the brand can give to users is decisive for its growth and sales. Among the Lebanon Phone Number factors that characterize Business to Consumer businesses.The most important are: The emotional factor B2C stands out for directly appealing to the emotions of customers. Considering that it is a model where customers usually make purchases for their own consumption, the emotional factor to encourage acquisition is one of the most relevant. Social selling By seeking to address end consumers directly.

Differences between B2C and B2B companies

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Before knowing the differences between B2C and B2B companies, it is important to understand Aero Leads what this second model consists of. B2B or Business to Business. Companies are companies that market their products or services with other companies as clients. They are companies that follow a corporate sales model. An example to understand B2B can be that of a technology. Company that sells software to insurance companies that can benefit from its application. That said, some of the main differences between one model and another are the following: The public The B2C public, as we have seen previously, is made up of final consumers. Meanwhile, the B2B are other companies that can benefit from the products or services that are offered.

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