When a person thinks about acquiring a product or service. It is most likely that they will not be carried away by their first option. In current purchasing habits, thanks to the internet. There is a whole process prior to closing a sale, and it is in this that influencers can play. A very important role. In the past, there were only a small number. Of brands and the correct advertisement in the traditional media. Such as television or radio, was enough to publicize something new, and at the same. Time encourage its purchase. Now, before making a purchase. There is a zero moment of truth —or zero moment of truth (zmot) — where users do. An internet search before deciding, to investigate and compare different brands.

What is an influencer?

The influencer is a person who has the power to, as the name implies, influence public opinion. He is in a position of certain power, because thanks to his credibility on a certain topic, he is capable of transmitting messages of value to his Korean phone number online followers. These people may have a presence on one or more social networks , such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, but thanks to their content, freshness and charisma, they have become leaders within their specific niches. Other individuals follow them for entertainment but also because they come to see them as reliable sources of information.

Its Relevance Within a Digital Marketing Strategy

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People trust the opinions and experiences of their acquaintances. The connection between individuals, where there is a human face behind each opinion, gives it practically the same degree of validity that we have for the person who gives us the recommendation. There is a clear difference between the value of an influencer recommendation compared to what a brand might say about themselves. People who Aero Leads trust an influencer will have more consideration for the opinions they express, as well as what they recommend, buy or use. For this reason, it is not surprising that influencer marketing has taken off in recent years and more and more companies have brand ambassadors or specific strategies to work with more than one influencer.

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