The relationship with customers of a brand, product or service can go beyond a mere commercial transaction. To achieve this end, a concept called insight comes into play , which allows us to know the emotional factor that links our brand with our clients and the general public. In recent years, brands have moved from being simple providers of services and products to providers of more human experiences for customers. It is for the above that the insights allow you to obtain a vision close to reality of how the target audience perceives your brand , how it influences them emotionally and how they behave in the face of diversity on offer. In addition, they help develop and plan valuable content based on customer expectations and motivations and facilitate communication with them.

What is an Insight?

In general, the term insight refers to the English word of the same name, which translates as “understanding, perception or knowledge”. Starting from this, in marketing, it is a way of referring to the sentimental bond and consumer behavior towards your brand, product or service , and in this way to identify what the public wants from you. Another way to define marketing insight is: as all that relationship of business fax numbers list non-tangible aspects between a company and a consumer. Thus, your work team can focus marketing strategies and sales efforts on a specific objective, that of turning your product or service into a complete experience, and not just a mere object of consumption, generating loyalty and recommendation opportunities. word of mouth To find insights that resonate with your brand, it is important to implement in-depth marketing research.

They Meet the Real Needs of Consumers

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They are not only a springboard for business success, they also provide added value for the user, such as a sense of belonging to a community, to mention an example. Proof of this is the Mi Community, an online community where Xiaomi fans can interact with each other, and —especially— with brand agents, who resolve their concerns and apply interaction with them as insight to develop new products. They are an Aero Leads anthropological and psychological vision of consumption ‍ Insights seek to understand the world of the consumer and highlight some aspects of it. This is important because, by understanding the user’s behavior towards your product or competing solutions, we can adapt it in such a way that it is of greater affinity for the end user.

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