An inbound marketing strategy would not be completely complete if the integration of a newsletter on the website or blog is not contemplated. But what is it? Is it the same as a subscription? What benefits does it have for a company? And how can it be done? The truth is that thanks to newsletters —or newsletters— we can keep our prospects fed with valuable content, while guiding them through the sales funnel , so that they become loyal customers. Do you want to know how? In this article we will tell you the most important aspects to create quality newsletters, and that they really work.

What is a Newsletter or Newsletter?

The newsletter is a publication – or content – of a website that is distributed on. A regular basis to its subscribers, through pre-scheduled emails. The main purpose of the newsletter is to keep subscribers informed about the. Various email list of real estate agents topics that the brand talks about, which —generally. Are closely related to the product or service. In this way, it also seeks to guide users to purchase actions. Offering exclusive content such as: discounts, promotions, notices, invitations. Among other benefits that they could not obtain otherwise. Bearing this in mind, is sending a newsletter the same as sending just an informative email?

What is a Newsletter for?

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The first reason has to do with getting more people to visit your website. Remember that newsletters must have a call to action, and one of these calls can contain a link to one of your articles —or even to one of your service pages—, so you Aero Leads will be redirecting traffic to your website . And for what purpose? This is to increase the possibility that some of the users will be interested in what you sell, in addition to improving the authority of your website in Google . The authority of a site is linked to the reliability that it has to provide quality content, which makes Google crawlers give preference to your pages and thus position them first.

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