The terms btl advertising and btl agencies are widely used in the world of marketing. Although not everyone really knows what they mean. The truth is that the use of btl advertising is very useful for several brands. As they allow the use of unconventional means and techniques to reach. A specific audience and have a differentiation with respect to the competition. The main premise of this technique is. Do not use traditional media and generate a significant impact. On potential customers. Do you want to know more about it? In this article we are going to tell you about what btl strategies are. But above all what a btl agency is and how it can effectively help your business.

What is Btl and Atl?

Before knowing what a BTL marketing agency does, it is necessary to be very clear about what BTL itself is, and what is the difference with ATL. The acronym BTL literally means Bellow The Line —in Spanish “under the line”—, and it is about get china number all the marketing actions and strategies used by non-conventional media, and that generally focus on a niche market or a small sector. This is closely linked to creativity, since what is sought with this type of strategy is to generate surprise in the viewer, and thus achieve brand positioning. In turn, these types of strategies are more linked to personalized treatment, since they seek to have a more direct and personal contact with potential clients, and do not go so much due to overcrowding.

What is a Btl Marketing Agency?

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Knowing all these concepts, it is easier to understand what. A btl agency does —or btl marketing and advertising agency—. Since they focus on the creation of said strategies, using the aforementioned non-conventional means. Many of these agencies are dedicated to marketing in general. Both digital and traditional, so it is not necessary that they only do btl campaigns. In fact, it is well known that a good Aero Leads marketing strategy does not use. A single plan or strategy to be able to find the right potential customers. All this depends on the type of business and the rest of its characteristics. But most of the time a combination of btl and atl is sought.

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