Know what you are going to say and show confidence . And if you don’t have confidence, at least appear to have it. In today’s article, we tell you about the tricks that experts in negotiation techniques apply to successfully close deals that will surely be useful in your salary negotiation process. Let’s start! We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE 5 tricks to negotiate your salary without unnecessary dislikes 1. Choose the right moment When you want to start a negotiation, whatever the type, you have to know how to wait for the right moment . The context and the situation are essential and just choosing properly when to have this conversation is enough to start tipping the scales in your favor. For example, it is clear that you will not achieve anything if you catch your boss in a bad mood.

The Initial Approach

Find out what time of year budget reviews and salary reviews are done. The one to one and the performance evaluation talks are also opportune moments (if the performance is good, of course). As a curiosity, a study carried out by UK Biobank Bangladesh WhatsApp Number discovered that the best time to request a salary increase is at 11 in the morning , preferably during the month of January. June and July are also good months to negotiate a salary increase, since it is the closing season of the fiscal year. Of course, if you perceive that the company is not in its best state of health and you anticipate that there will be layoffs… no matter what time or month, it will never be a good time to ask for a raise.

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And to Develop

Prepare an Elevator Pitch with a “wow” effect Elevator pitches are very popular in the world of entrepreneurship, since they are very short presentation speeches that serve to capture the attention of investors. The idea is that, in 30 seconds , you can communicate a powerful and memorable message that will make the listener show interest in what you are saying. Asking your boss to raise your salary is a process very similar to asking an investor to invest in Aero Leads your project. That is why these first words of introduction are so important: by gaining your interlocutor’s attention, you are preparing him to listen to everything you have to say. 3. Lean on benchmarking data Every company is different and what Fulanita is paid at The Best Company™ does not have to be the same as what you are paid.

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