But to manage them well. Knowing how to act and manage time well will quickly forget the problem and strengthen the company’s image. The coronavirus pandemic and health crisis has changed our habits and forms of consumption. Portugal phone number According to the cis. 23% of spaniards have increased online purchases during the pandemic. In addition. The crisis has not only promoted digitization in consumption. It has also promoted the diversification of forms of payment and financing. More than ever. Companies need a post-covid marketing plan that makes them present and visible in an increasingly competitive environment.

The effects of Portugal phone number on marketing among the trends that stand out for this coming year 2021. It is worth highlighting the need for businessmen to show their solidarity with respect to the current situation. Your messages must be close and hopeful for users. The emotional component being key to connecting with the client. User behavior has changed and so have their concerns. Which is why companies need to adapt. More than ever. Companies need a post-covid marketing plan that makes them present and visible in an increasingly competitive environment. Likewise. Companies must find a way to make it possible to finance or acquire goods and services more easily.

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Taking into account the current difficulties. Digital marketing guide for the ‘new normal’ apd and wsi offer you exclusive material to understand how a digital marketing strategy is the key for your company to [survive] in the ‘new normal’. Post covid marketing plan: new trends one of the main challenges in times of the coronavirus is to recover the trust of brands with their target. Investment and consumption have fallen considerably. Which is why many companies have. Portugal phone number had to close their businesses or reinvent themselves. It is time to be sensitive and bet on effective tools and build trust with our brand. For this reason. It is necessary to design a marketing plan adapted to the new times in order to have a greater market share.

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Accelerating digital transformation the digital transformation of companies was already underway before this situation. But many companies have been forced to speed up this process. The situation caused by the confinement meant that most businesses had to close their doors. Leaving online stores as the only way of selling . In addition. Portugal phone number Once the confinement is over. Many people are still reluctant to go to physical stores and sales through ecommerce are expected to continue to boom. All this has caused more and more companies to be concerned about improving their websites or creating e-commerce platforms that facilitate the sale of services and products.

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If online consumption grows. It is best to be prepared to make an attractive offer through digital channels. Even relying on already created platforms. Such as amazon or ebay. Is a good decision to generate sales. Inform about the situation of the company it is good to continuously remind customers of the hygiene and social responsibility measures of our company. Portugal phone number To give users confidence. They need to be informed . Inform on the website itself or even on social networks. About the measures that have been taken. Emphasizing the need to respect the safety distance. Wear a mask and gel to avoid possible infections. Detailed information on certain products the company must maintain continuous communication with customers and bring physical products closer through online formats .

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