Have progress in their position. They will get frustrat and look for a place where they will give them the opportunity to grow professionally. One explanation for this phenomenon may be that many Centennial candidates have seen their parents trapp in jobs they don’t like or hate, and it’s something they want to avoid. It is important to explain to them that there is a career plan design for them and that they will have the opportunity to explore their full potential within the team. We help you take care of your most important asset: PEOPLE! 4. Create a collaborative and diverse environment To attract the attention of Generation Z, collaborative work spaces must be creat that promote the inclusion and acceptance of diverse people, in which all collaborators are given the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. In addition, stagnant organizational models are becoming obsolete.

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Currently, the most innovative companies have multidisciplinary teams in which the staff has knowledge of practically all the areas in which the company Germany WhatsApp Number operates, in turn allowing greater transparency. Training plans should not be put aside either, since the new generations constantly seek to reinvent themselves. Reinforcing and/or recycling their talents and skills bas on company objectives is a good way to keep Generation Z motivat and satisfi. 5. Flexibility, the key to success. And last but not least, create jobs where flexibility and work-personal balance prevail.

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Generation Z wants to be able to enjoy their life beyond work and, unlike the rest of the generations, they are very intransigent in this regard. They do not Aero Leads want fix hours, or offices with an assign position. They want to be able to come and go as they please, and go to the office when they see fit. Time flexibility is a key issue to attract young talent and, currently, teleworking is an essential variable to stand out from the competition and get the best professional profiles.

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