If there is no subdivision again), such as people who visit the website. People who follow on facebook or people who watch tv. 2. Consumer segments while an audience may be a relatively large group of people, consumer segments refer to groups of people who are “like” in some way. (or more), which is caus by the analysis process that we often call segmentation. Or use behaviors, attitudes, preferences, regions, or even other information that marketers can see and use as a criterion by doing segementation this is one of the important steps in marketing strategy that has it all.

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Personas even though it is divid into segments, but it still has an image of being a “Group of people”, doing persona is helping to create a “Representative” of that segment so that marketers can understand and see a clear picture of the segment as follows: say (instead of speaking so broadly that you’re not sure exactly what kind of image this group has). In making Nepal Phone Number a persona, it’s usually about finding a person or someone who is outstanding. Can be us as a representation of the said segment 4. Profile while persona is a segment to become a person, profile is a statistical summary of the elements that make up that segment, for example, 70% of this group of people live in bangkok.

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On average, there are 1.5 children and an average of 3.5 family members. The overall age of household members is between 24-32 years old. you will see that doing persona and profile will have different results. Of course, both have their pros Aero Leads and cons that marketers must take into consideration. Sometimes it may take two things together. Sometimes use one share the knowlge! Analyticsaudiencatamarketing see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article content for slaves! – whiskas made the kitten kollege series.

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