7 top strategies to capture leads with your website with the site optimized and ready to receive visits. It’s time to pay attention to the generation of leads. After all. When attracting new visitors. You need to make them engage with your brand. Thus developing new opportunities.

Leads are nothing more than potential customers.  Those visitors Finland Phone Number who have provided personal information. The seo strategies we’ve seen earlier benefit this process and help extend reach. However. You need to prepare your page to capture new contacts as they browse.

It is exactly at this moment that marketing automation strategies come into play: the tool helps to set up a true path to attract and capture new leads. From the main interactions with a website.

After all. Building an effective digital presence requires covering all online hotspots with the company. Without missing any more opportunities.

To help you in this aspect.

We have detailed a step-by-step guide to generate more leads with the website optimization of a marketing automation. Come on?

1. Insert forms forms are excellent bait for converting visitors . They can be used on the website’s homepage or inserted throughout posts. Stimulating a benefit or offer with the subscription.

With this feature. It is possible to obtain information from visitors who want to interact with your company. Whether for relationships or sales.

Finland Phone Number

The information collected should facilitate contact and identify what potential a particular visitor has. You can request name. Email. Contact telephone number or any other data that allows communication.

It is possible to offer subscription to newsletters. Subscription to exclusive lists or combine according to the content strategy.

Bonus tips: forms are essential elements for anyone who wants to create a contact base. The information collected must be traced according to the characteristics of the ideal client. And can be used in pop-ups and landing pages. As we will see below.

2. Enable popups surely you’ve browsed through a website when suddenly an “interactive window” appears with some offer or promotion. If yes. Know that these are the pop-ups. One of the main advantages of this tool is to draw the attention of visitors and lead them to a quick and instant conversion.

The use of pop-ups is very frequent to appear at the right time and offer what the public needs in each situation. To use it. You need to define the best template and choose which pages it should appear on.

Examples of pop-ups for websites in rd station

marketing examples of pop-ups for websites in rd station marketing
above all. It is necessary to be relevant and add value during the experience. Without compromising site navigation and optimization.

3. Add whatsapp button the world’s largest messaging app has also become one of the top strategies for website optimization and lead generation. Unlike a chat platform. The feature allows users to chat directly with the company within the app.

In addition to facilitating contact. By using a whatsapp button from tools such as rd station marketing. It is possible to capture the main information of visitors. Even when they do not start the conversation with the company.

The feature offers you to fill in a form. Becoming more of a conversion bait for leads.

With the floating button inserted in the most accessed pages. You will still be able to reach more people who contact the company through this channel and combine actions with email marketing and automation flows that serve to restore lost contacts. For example.

4. Create landing pageswhen visitors browse. Interference and distractions are common. Unlike a website page. Landing pages are more objective and strategically created for an action. Really offering what was informed in a campaign.

In this way. We can say that one of its main features is to direct visitors and leads to a single path always linked to an offer. It is very common to have a form to encourage sales. Registration. Downloads or subscriptions. For example. As we see in the example below:

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