Someone they can trust. Become a salesperson who listens. Be a reliable salesperson. Let Your Buyers Educate themselves Before the Sales Meeting Too often, sales reps treat their pitch deck as a secret treasure. They keep it near the vest so no one can see it until the meeting starts. Why? What’s wrong with sending all the information to buyers ahead of time so they can review it? That way, you don’t have to discuss everything. They have the references they need to find the information they need. Or, break it down and share some details after the meeting. Imagine if at the end of the meeting you said: Now that I understand your needs better, I’m going to send you some information about our product and how it can help. Compare this to how you end meetings now.

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You make yourself look like an idiot If you hear your company’s salesperson say something like, I get it, I know how to sell, I’ve given a hundred presentations like this, then your sales rep sucks . You may have an incompetent sales force. Repeating the same Germany Phone Number tedious routine is the fastest way to show potential clients that you’re calling. I swear, these overconfident sales reps are the ones who seem to be blinded by questions and fumble through the presentations they’ve given a hundred times. They are also often powerless with technology. They have a hard time sharing their screen, and they don’t remember if the other person on the call can view their mouse.

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They stumble upon the basis of speech. They seem to be blinded by questions. Honestly, how is it possible to be so confidently overprepared in your head and completely underprepared in practice? Let me say it once and for all: A sales call is not the time to screw Aero Leads up in front of prospects. A Different Kind of Preparation The most successful salespeople prepare and rehearse to be ready for the call and they leave enough room for the conversation. According to research by , the best sales reps listen more than they speak. Proper preparation includes meaningful rehearsals and role-plays ahead of time so you can join the meeting.

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