The focus is placed on the motivations that unite them. It is also very popular among companies with Agile management , where Moving Motivators are used to assess the state of the team on a weekly basis, allowing Scrum Masters to identify when the team is low on morale and give them an extra push . conclusion Knowing the motivations of the team is essential to be able to lead it effectively and guide it towards where the company wants to be, and the Moving Motivators are a perfect gamifi resource to identify what moves your collaborators , activates that “spark”, and leads to always act in the best way. share Tweet share Blog agile , management 3.0 , intrinsic motivation , moving motivators Interactions with readers leave a reply Your email address will not be publish.

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The Truth About The Pygmalion Effect 262. The most personal side of the LinkIn TOP Voice 2020, Mar Domínguez footers o Ho Ho! Christmas has arriv and, with it, the festive spirit invades us. Although it is a date in which tradition and spending time with the family prevail, there are many professionals who must continue to attend their Aero Leads jobs. Don’t let this discourage them! Instead, take the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the office , build bonds with your collaborators, get to know them better, and have a fun time that surely helps to strengthen the positive environment and engagement . With these tips, there will be no member of the team who wants to become the.

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