Bitmedia Boasts of High Numbers When It Comes to Impressions and Site Visits. At Present, Over 5,000 Crypto Websites Are Running About 20,000 Campaigns on the Network. With Over 1 Billion Impressions Worldwide and 20 Million Unique Visits Per Month, It’s Hard to Find a Better Ad Network Company to Grow Your Crypto Project.


It Works With Ai-based Targeting Options,

Including Geo Device, Frequency of Posting, and Image Manipulation Service Timing. They Provide Both Cpm and Cpc Models for Clients Along With Strict Verification Checks, Making Sure That Each Seller Can Be Manually Verified. There Are Also Third-party Traffic Checks, Manual Clicks, and Impression Monitoring. These Verifications Help Ensure That No Bots or Paid Traffic Bots Will Muddle Impression Numbers.

Bitmedia Works Mostly With Sites Relating to Cryptocurrency but Are Also Open to Non-crypto Websites That Provide High-quality Traffic and Engagement. The Crypto Ad Company Also Offers Bitcoin or Fiat Cash Withdrawals, With the Minimum Amount Set at 0.0001 Btc. Joining Bitmedia as a Publisher Not Only Provides a Steady Source of Revenue for Your Crypto Website—it Can Also Help Maximize Your Earnings Through Adjustable Targeting. The Platform Welcomes Both Large-scale Publishers and Smaller-scale Blogs and Websites.

Adshares is Another Long-standing Company That Focuses on Advertising Crypto

Blockchain, and Nft Projects. Beyond Banner Ads, Adshares Promotes Sponsored Articles on Authority Sites, Premium Blockchain Banners, Newsletters, and Listings on Exchanges. The Network Offers Multiple Types of Advertising With Campaigns That Can Either Be Cpa Cost-per-action, Cpm, or Pop-under Ads. The Platform Makes Advertising Easy by Not Requiring Verification Nor Stringent Criteria for Joining the Network. Adshares Promotes Transparency in Its Advertising and Payment Processes. Because It is Blockchain-enabled, Payments Are Autonomous and Reliable, Even Capable of Transferring Payments Every Hour. The Platform Also Gives Publishers Total Control Over Which Content Can Be Shown on Their Websites. Easy Registration No

Image Manipulation Service

Prioritizes Crypto Websites No Referral Program

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Top 11 Crypto Influencer Marketing Agencies for 2022 Ad Dragon More Recently Launched in 2019, Ad Dragon is Actually the World’s First Decentralized Finance Ad Network, Which Has a Peer-to-peer P2p Advertising Model That You Won’t Find in Other Networks. With Ad Dragon Serving as a Bridge Between Them, Publishers and Sellers Can Easily Connect and Match With Advertising Services.

Ad Dragon Charges Sellers a 5 Commission, Which is a Generous Payout for Advertisers, as Other Networks Charge More From Their Members. The Commission is on a Cpm Basis or Per One Thousand Impressions. Under Ad Dragon, You Can Create an Online Store and Sell Sponsored Posts, Banner Ads, Press Releases, Pop-up Ads, and More. Advertisers Can Easily Reach You as They Browse the Listings.

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