That said, it is true that it is important to know and be clear about the trend in terms of value that the labor market gives to positions equal to yours and under equal conditions (area, experience, rank, etc.). An easy way to get this information is through job offers that look for candidates with the same or similar profile to yours, and in which the salary range is visible. Another option is to go to reports made by consultants specialized in market studies, such as those of PwC, KMPG or Deloitte. Be that as it may, a benchmarking study will help you find out the salary band that best meets your expectations and negotiate with realistic data in hand that supports your argument.

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Point out your accomplishments by keeping a positive attitude Surely, the first thing your manager will ask you will be something like: ” Why do you think you Belarus WhatsApp Number deserve a raise ?” This is when you should use your big argument: a clear and objective list of all the achievements that you have brought to the company . You don’t have to be modest, because what you want is to prove your worth. But don’t come too high either: if you exaggerate or inflate the facts, it will be difficult for the other person to take you seriously. The key is to find the balance and keep a positive attitude.

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This includes influencing the effort it has cost you to achieve all your milestones from a pleasant side: yes, carrying out all your projects is a great challenge, but meeting them gives you great satisfaction. The pity face will get you nowhere. And, of course, neither are Aero Leads threats: “ either you raise my salary or I’m leaving ” is the worst phrase you can use. No one is essential in any company, remember that. 5. Keep an open mind and explore all the options You may not be able to exactly get a fixed salary increase. But… what if in exchange they offered you to negotiate the variables ? Greater incentives, more days off, flexible hours, remote work during all shifts, social benefits.

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