After 6 years of experience in senior management recruitment, I very much hope to apply my experience in senior management recruitment and team building to help more start-ups and fast-growing local companies, and Page Executive provides such a platform that gives me The opportunity to meet many core executives, founders, and investors, thinking from the dimension of business, to help companies recruit more matching management teams, which benefits me a lot。And this team gives everyone a lot of space and flexibility to grow, so I am very honored to join this team。

Samantha Li:I am a deputy partner of Page Executive, focusing on the recruitment of executives in the consumer, retail and technology service industries, involving areas such as catering, fast consumer goods, cosmetics, personal care, consumer lifestyle, TMT, etc。My customers include local private enterprises, state-owned enterprises and European and American multinational companies。

Can you introduce your experience at Page Executive?

The overall feeling at Page Executive is great and continues to grow every year。Our goal is to be better, not the best。Challenges and opportunities Philippines photo editor coexist, the market is stable and the team is growing。Being able to accompany the long-term growth of our customers and witness their success is the vision of each of our Page people。From the beginning of its establishment, Page Executive has established an industry-based talent solution with a deep consulting model。My team and I cut in from the big health industry and dig deep. At the same time, we worked with the industry leaders and fast-growing companies to create a multidimensional ecosystem around talent, capital, and technology to repair the Takagi River in the field of recruitment。

What do you think is the difference between Page Executive and other executive recruitment brands?

Philippines photo editor

The training and learning methods of Page Executive consultants also very unique and can simply understood as a three-tier learning structure。

  • At the first level, learn from each other internally, and learn from the success of others more quickly through learning and communication with other industry consultants for their own use。
  • On the second level, after learning Aero Leads from outside, we regularly invite CXO executives from similar institutions to share their business/management experience, which is the best actual combat experience sharing。
  • At the third level, according to the characteristics of the consultant, customization provides one-on-one life or vocational coaches (yes, the executive head will also need a career or life coach) or re-learning programs。

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