Personalization at the initial level only that is, to do personalization by focusing on offering various offers to customers rather than presenting other content. Whether it is choosing various products to present, presenting content that meets the target group by understanding the “Motivation” or “Objectives” as well as the context of the target group towards the business. Using data and personalization ethically this verse is a link from the previous verse. That is to say, even if doing personalization but it also requires a lot of data to be analyz in order to effectively create content that meets the target audience.

Marketers Must Understand Content

The problem, however, is that collecting such data inevitably raises consumer concerns about the use of their personal data for businesses. And that becomes a problem where using different data to create content, it is necessary to build trust with the target audience as well. We will see a policy for the management of information and experiences. Between Jordan Phone Number businesses and consumers clearly more transparent than ever of course, if any organization can manage this well, it will be able to create a win-win situation between the organization and the target group. New technology and new content creation with new technology that has occurr and develop in leaps and bounds over the past several years. Marketers will have the tools to create new experiences.

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That Is Different From Production

For example, voice assistant as seen from amazon (alexa), google (google assistant), apple (siri), which today is more prevalent than before. Although today it may still be a basic use such as finding information. Order to turn off the light ask time, etc. But in the future, this technology will bring new experiences. Such as ordering providing various Aero Leads assistance services in addition, there are also technologies such as vr and ar that although there are not many uses yet. But it is an area that could be further develop if the device can be us cheaper and more widespread. Currently, there are many industries that have start using these technologies such as retail, automotive, etc. Retail business invests in innovation to create a better experience.

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