Advertising has the goal of highlighting the benefits of a product or service through. A set of communicative efforts. In detail, advertising has the role of persuading members of society —known as target or target. Audience— and finally converting them into a client or consumer of our brand. Through visual, written or auditory messages. That is why an advertising campaign must be part. Of your marketing plan so that the public knows your brand, product or service. But, before developing and implementing a strategy. It is important to know the types of advertising campaigns in order. To focus our efforts on one of these aspects and obtain the best possible result. Therefore, in aloha! We will talk about the types of campaigns that you should know in order to publicize your product or service. Whether you will do the marketing efforts on your own or through an advertising agency.

What Are the Types of Campaigns That Exist?

When we talk about types of campaigns, we refer to strategies towards which you can focus your marketing efforts, whether traditional or digital. Knowing the diversity of campaign types will allow you to establish, manage and optimize New zealand whatsapp numbers the results you want to obtain from your digital or traditional marketing strategy. In general, we can classify the types of campaigns into two aspects: By stage of the life cycle: it is generated according to the stage in which our product and even our client is. By type of product: the campaign is created based on the nature of the product to be advertised.

By Life Cycle Stage

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As its name indicates, the objective of the teaser campaign is that the. Audience can start learning about a potential new product or service. Without a doubt, the main goal is to ” sow” curiosity within people regarding an. The Aero Leads upcoming release, revealing very little information about it and thereby generating expectations. A key point of the expectation campaign is that. It should not be long because there is a risk of boring the audience and thus losing their interest. This can lead to the failure of the next stage, the launch stage. It is important to emphasize the second objective. Of this type of campaign is to reach as many people as possible so that. The information about your next launch is known by as many people as possible.

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