Copyright nuttaputch wongreanthong the 5c framework for modern (and future) marketing from unilever’s cmo 10292017 strategy when ask what the new era (and the future) of marketing will look like, many people may focus on new technologies such as blockchain or ai or creating something cutting-ge. It will not be a matter of technology as many people understand, but it is about understanding the changing context of marketing relationships. To understand this I would like to briefly summarize what keith we, cmo of unilever, present at advertising week newyork 2017 under the theme the future of marketing.

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Let’s do it the main theme of this lecture is to return to understanding marketing in a world where consumers have chang their behavior. The marketing environment has chang, which he has a framework call 5c as the core of marketing, which are 1. Consumer the most important thing and the core of marketing is the consumer because the matter Ivory-Coast Phone Number of marketing whether online or offline, it all starts from understanding consumers. The important thing that marketers should understand is that the customer journey is not the same anymore. And if we don’t understand this customer journey, then it will cause us to have problems with designing our marketing.

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Connect once we understand our target audience the next thing that marketing has to do is to “reach” the target audience that you want. Which today we will find that there are many mia options. And each type of mia has different behaviors in Aero Leads drug use as well. Such as search behavior or youtube viewing behavior, so marketers must understand the characteristics of each mia. Along with finding ways to use each mia for maximum benefit in addition we will see that new touchpoints are constantly being add to customers’ lives, such as the use of voice asssitant that is becoming more and more widespread.

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